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Pengenalan Bahasa Arab melalui Nyanyian pada Anak Usia Prasekolah di PAUD Terpadu Ihyaul Ulum Puncu Kediri Jatim
Terbit :  2017-06-10
Description : The purpose of the event is to introduce Arabic through singing at early childhood in Education Ihyaul Ulum Gadungan Puncu Kediri Integrated School, and know the process of learning to teach Arabic through singing. The research method used a descriptive analysis of the activities undertaken in an effort to improve the ability to recognize Arabic language in early childhood. The process is done by using several methods such as singing while playing and singing using the movement and singing using the learning media. The conclusion of this activity is; (1) through singing with the method of play...

Komputer Interaktif sebagai Media Pengajaran Bahasa Inggris pada Anak Usia Dini
Terbit :  2016-06-10
Description : It takes a breakthrough for preschool teachers and kindergarten teachers to empower and synergize all their potential that already exists in their selves and the use of technology to achieve a fun, interesting and integrated English learning for young learners as a whole. One of the most interesting  “edutainment” media that supports young learners’ development in learning English is Interactive Computer. This is a set of combination of software containing English lesson for children and games; and is created in the form of interactive CD. By using this interactive CD, it will strengthen the t...

Meningkatkan Kedisiplinan Anak Usia Dini Melalui Latihan Pembiasaan Penggunaan Toilet di KB Al-Hidayah Insan Mandiri Kabupaten Bandung
Terbit :  2018-06-10
Description : The purpose of this research is to know the discipline of early childhood through the habitual use of toilet training well in KB Al-Hidayah Insan Mandiri Kabupaten Bandung. Good toileting habits can help early childhood knowledge and understanding about how to use the toilet properly, maintain hygiene, and help lay out aspects related to using toilets to improve child self-discipline. The research problem is how to improve the discipline of early childhood through the use of toilet in KB Al-Hidayah Insan Mandiri Kabupaten Bandung. The research method used is classroom action research method. T...

Meningkatkan Kemampuan Mengenal Lambang Bilangan Melalui Permainan Tata Angka pada Anak Usia Dini
Terbit :  2016-12-30
Description : The objective of this research was to improve the ability of knowing the epitome of number through number order game of the B group chidren Kindergarten Pertiwi Bangkinang the kind of research was Classroom Action Research which done collaboratively between the researcher and the teacher. This research consisted of two cycles and each cycle done in two meetings. The subject of the research was 16 children 4-5 Kindergarten pertiwi Bangkinang which consisted of 5 males and 11 females. The object of the research is ability of knowing the epitome of number 1-10. Incollecting the data the researche...

Pengaruh Biblioterapi Dengan Buku Cerita Bergambar Terhadap Tingkat Kecemasan Efek Hospitalisasi pada Anak Prasekolah
Terbit :  2017-12-30
Description : The numbers of the hospitalized children in the last two decades have been increased rapidly. The increasing of the percentage of the hospitalized children became more serious and more complex than the previous years. Hospitalization might causes anxious on the children. The children became increasingly anxious and might affect the healing process. Therefore, to decrease the children’s anxiety during the healing process, the use of the book as a therapy media, known as Bibliotherapy is suggested. This research is aimed at identifying the effect of  Bibliotherapy by using storybooks on the anxi...