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Pantang Larang dalam Masyarakat Kampar dan Relevansinya dengan Pendidikan Karakter
Terbit :  2015-06-10
Description : Abstinence is banned or prohibited acts job to do so by the people who accompanied sanctions warmth of the ancestors. The others believe that abstinence forbids irrelevant to modern-paced life as it is today. Literature has a great potential to bring people to the direction of change in character. This research is a qualitative descriptive study. The object of research is abstinence which is prohibited by the Malay community Kampar. The results showed that abstinence forbids the Kampar Malay community can be categorized into: (1) time, namely: at night, dusk; (2) place, namely: in the fields,...

Penerapan Metode Whole Brain Teaching dalam Meningkatkan Motivasi Belajar Anak Usia Dini
Terbit :  2018-06-10
Description : The aims of this research are to improve children\'s learning motivation through the implementaion of Whole Brain Teaching and to describe the improvement of children\'s learning motivation through the implementation of Whole Brain Teaching. This research is a classroom action research, then research subjects consisted of 18 students at TK Aisyiyah 1 Tanggulangin, especially group A. The location of this research is in TK Aisyiyah 1 Tanggulangin. Data collection technique is done by observation. The results show that the implementation of Whole Brain Teaching method can improve the learning mo...

Penggunaan Media Gambar Seri Untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan Berbicara Anak Usia Dini
Terbit :  2017-06-10
Description : One of the characteristics of early childhood is to have a strong sense of enthusiasm and curiosity towards many things around it. Curiosity can be raised using the media. Media is a means of learning that can bring the interest of students to learn because the media is everything that can be used to channel the message, stimulate the mind, attention, and willingness of students to be involved in the learning process. The series image media has a sequence of images that can stimulate the child\'s mind to speak and produce a continuous story. The purpose of the study explains the media of this...

Peningkatan Kemampuan Klasifikasi Melalui Media Benda Konkret pada Anak Kelompok A1 di TK Cahaya Kembar Bangkinang Kampar
Terbit :  2015-12-30
Description : Penelitian  ini  bertujuan  untuk  meningkatkan  kemampuan  klasifikasi melalui media benda konkret pada anak kelompok A1 di TK Cahaya Kembar Bangkinang Kabupaten Kampar. Kemampuan klasifikasi pada penelitian ini difokuskan pada kemampuan klasifikasi 1-2 atribut. Jenis penelitian ini adalah penelitian tindakan kelas (Classroom Action Research) yang dilakukan secara kolaborasi. Subjek penelitian ini adalah anak kelompok A1 yang berjumlah 19 anak yang terdiri dari sebelas perempuan dan delapan  laki-laki.  Objek  dalam  penelitian  ini  adalah  kemampuan  klasifikasi melalui media benda konkret....

Meningkatkan Kemampuan Kecerdasan Visual melalui Aplikasi Paint di RA Al Muhajirin Kota Cimahi
Terbit :  2018-06-10
Description : The purpose of research in this article is to find out how the activities of early childhood in improving the ability of visual intelligence through paint application in RA Al Muhajirin Kota Cimahi and to find out how much increase the ability of visual intelligence through paint applications. The research problem is how paint application done to visual intelligence of early child in RA Al Muhajirin Kota Cimahi. The research method used is Classroom Action Research method. Subjects in this study were all children early age of 30 children. The instruments used are observation guidelines, interv...