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Pengaruh Penggunaan Multimedia Terhadap Pemahaman Konsep Pada Mata Kuliah Pengembangan Kognitif dan Kreatifitas Anak Usia Dini Di UNSRI Palemban
Terbit :  2018-06-10
Description : The influence of multimedia usage on PG-PAUD student concept understanding in cognitive development and creativity course of early childhood has been done on PG-PAUD Student semester three in Palembang Sriwijaya University. The type of research used is experiment with One Shoot Case Study descriptions, with sampling technique that is purposive sampling. The sample in the pre-experiment class is 27 and the post-test class is 28. The data collection technique is written essay, interview and documentation. Result of data analysis obtained is 80,71, while result of hypothesis test based on t-test...

Meningkatkan Kemampuan Kognitif Anak dalam Kegiatan Membilang dengan Metode Bermain Media Kartu Angka pada Anak Usia 4-5 Tahun di TK Taqifa Bangkinang
Terbit :  2016-12-30
Description : This study aims to determine the cognitive abilities of children in counting activities in kindergarten Taqifa Bangkinang. This research is a classroom action research (PTK) which is scheduled to take place in two cycles. The first cycle executed 2 times face to face. Each cycle contains the main points of planning, implementation, observation and reflection. The data in this study is data collected by observation and documentation. As for travel writers in analyzing the data in this study is to use the technique of quantitative descriptive analysis of data obtained and presented with what the...

Strategi Ibu dengan Peran Ganda dalam Membentuk Kemandirian Anak Usia Pra Sekolah
Terbit :  2017-12-30
Description : This study aims for understand mothers experience with dual role to establish of independence child. Mother with dual role interpreted as a mother become housewife and work. The existence of dual role make the role as a mother divided by the role as a career woman. Especially if the child has entered pre-school age, the role of mother is needed because at this stage the child get in golden periode, window of opportunity, and critical period (Depker, 2010). One of the skills that should be developed is independence that became one of the goals of character education. Especially for working moth...

Penerapan Metode Authentic Teaching Untuk Meningkatkan Hasil Belajar Fisika Siswa Kelas IX SMAN 14 Pekanabaru
Terbit :  2015-06-10
Description : The purpose of research to improve student learning outcomes using Demonstration in physics class IX SMAN 14 Pekanabru 2014/2015. The research was conducted from October to December 2014 with a class IX student research subjects totaling 30 people. The results of this study were obtained by the procedure of collecting and processing the data as needed in order to improve student learning outcomes, in prasiklus obtained average value of 50.0 with 50% mastery, in cycle 1 learning outcome was obtained with an average value of 67.7 with the thoroughness 80%, and in the second cycle in the improvem...

Pengaruh Bermain Peran Mikro terhadap Kecerdasan Interpersonal
Terbit :  2018-06-10
Description : This study aimed at examining how much influence the role play activities on interpersonal intelligence in children group A at Kindergarten, Tangerang City. This research used the experimental method to know how far the influence of independent variable to bound variable. The dependent variable is the ability of interpersonal intelligence (Y) while the independent variable which is the variable of the micro role play (X) which consists of free micro role play (X1) and guided micro role play (X2). This study conducted in TK I Asy - Syukriyyah and TK I Jaya Winata on the second semester of acade...