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Analisis Pemakaian Listrik pada Pompa Drainage Unit dengan Menggunakan New Quality Tools
Terbit :  2017-12-31
Description : Every company tries to minimize the cost of production to get the product with the price of flocking. A Chemical Company in Cilegon has a production cost reduction program. However, in the process of creation, still found some factors that cause high production costs, especially the cost of electricity in pumping equipment. This study aims to determine the causes of high electricity consumption in the drainage pump unit, provide suggestions for improvement and evaluate the results of revision. This research uses some new quality tools consisting of affinity diagrams, interrelationship diagrams...

Penentuan Kondisi Lingkungan Kerja Fisik yang Optimal Menggunakan Metode Permukaan Respon
Terbit :  2017-08-05
Description : Many consequences caused by the condition of the work environment is not good. This can be caused by noise, lighting and temperature conditions. We need to determine the optimal value of these work environment factors in order to improve operator performance. The correlation between operator performance with work environment factor such as noise, lighting and temperature are found out by develope empirical model to describe relation between operator performance with work environment factor. The model is used to optimize operator performance. This research use surface response method. The exper...

Implementasi Six Sigma untuk Perbaikan Kualitas Produk Kiwi Paste Berdasarkan Keluhan Pelanggan
Terbit :  2018-07-27
Description : PT. LF Beauty Manufacturing Indonesia is a Hong Kong-based Li & Fung group of companies engaged in manufacturing services. The Company has 4 regular customers, namely: PT JHHP, PT.Diversey, PT.Topindo and PT.Wavin. During 2015 the company got 12 defect complaints which 8 complaints came from PT. JHHP. This study aims to determine the cause of disability complaints of PT JHHP, provide improvements to existing problems so that it does not occur in the future and as a measure of company productivity to improve production quality. This research method uses Six Sigma with DMAIC stages (Define Measu...

Analisis Kepuasan Pelanggan dengan Menggunakan SERVQUAL: Studi Kasus Layanan IndiHome PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk, Regional 1 Sumatera
Terbit :  2017-12-31
Description : As competition increases, delivering better service becomes more important; it is not with the expception of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk (PT TELKOM), which is the only state-owned enterprise as well as the largest telecommunication and network service provider in Indonesia. This is because service quality is considered as an important aspect for the success of the service provider. This study aims to assess the service quality of PT. TELKOM for IndiHome products. A preliminary study showed that there are many customers complaining about IndiHome\'s service quality. In addition, the tight...

Analisis Penerapan Overall Equipment Effectiveness Pada Mesin Power Press Combination Forming 60T
Terbit :  2017-12-31
Description : Corrective action on the engine damage is a temporary emergency measure, so further action is required by conducting maintenance activities, prevention of damage (Preventive maintenance), and able to detect abnormal symptoms before the machine breakdown occurs.¬†The sudden impact of machine damage resulted in disruption of planned production performance so that it is necessary to identify and analyze the factors that cause the machine damage.¬†Establish maintenance method using Autonomous Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance and Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) concept to prevent machine fa...