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PROGRAM SERAMBI ISLAMI EDISI JUM’AT PADA SESI TELETILAWAH (Upaya TVRI untuk Meningkatkan Pengetahuan Membaca Alquran Secara Tartil bagi Pemirsa)
Terbit :  2018-05-18
Description : Quran is \"the way of life\" for Muslims. Reading Quran with tarteel is a must (Fardhu Ain). Therefore, TVRI as a public television that has a vision of educating the life of the nation contributed to invite audiences to improve their ability to read Quran with tarteel. This study aimed to determine what efforts made by TVRI to improve audiences’ knowledge in reading Quran with tarteel. Qualitative research method used in this study with in-depth interview. Informant in this study was a producer who has ideas to create programs TELETILAWAH Serambi Islami on Friday edition. The analysis used Th...

KONSTRUKSI MAKNA KUALITAS HIDUP SEHAT (Studi Fenomenologi pada Anggota Komunitas Herbalife Klub Sehat Ersanddi Jakarta)
Terbit :  2018-06-29
Description : This study was intended to get a comprehensive picture of meaning construction in building the quality of healthy life. This research used symbolic interaction theory of George Herbert Mead. The study relied on phenomenological approach under a paradigm of constructivism using interpretative analysis. In-depth interview, observation, and documentation study were conducted to collect data. This study found that the motives of Herbalife community health club Ersanddi members to participate in a healthy life program because they wanted to lose weight and to be physically fit.  The meaning of heal...

BUDAYA DAN KOMUNIKASI KESEHATAN (Studi Pandangan Kesehatan Pada Masyarakat Sunda Dalam Tradisi Makan Lalapan)
Terbit :  2018-06-29
Description : Culture is communication and communication is culture. Humans learn culture through communication. At the same time communication is a reflection of human culture. Culture is a subjective and objective element created by humans that increased survival of life and resulted in the satisfaction of actors in ecological niches. Cultures are spread among those who can communicate with each other because they have the same language and live at the same time and place. Culture can be learned, passed down from generation to generation. Culture can be learned through fairy tales, legends and myths. It i...

MANIFESTASI PRAGMATISME PENDIDIKAN POLITIK (Analisis Resepsi pada Komodifikasi Berita Selebriti Politisi)
Terbit :  2018-05-18
Description : Celebrity politicians and mass media attract public’s attention. News about celebrity politicians become a commodity for mass media and it increases the popularity of the celebrity politicians. This creates relationships of capitalism motion in mass media that has penetrated digital media. Focus of this study is public meanings about celebrity politicians on online media. Using qualitative methods and in-depth interviews, this study shows how the practice of the commodification content of celebrity politicians and mass media was interwoven. The result also shows that the practice of the commod...

Terbit :  2018-06-29
Description : Facebook, one of social media, becomes a new space for everyone to interact and socialize without being limited by space and time, like in conventional media (mainstream). In its development, social media is also used to support political campaign in general election of regional head (Pemilukada). In addition to reaching the audience without being limited space and time, the cost is also cheap and efficient. Facebook has been chosen by candidates for regional heads as a medium of communication and socialization, not just relying on television media, advertisements in newspapers, banners, billb...