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Religious Radicalism , Jihad, And Terrorism
Terbit :  2017-06-30
Description : After the terrorist attacked on the twin towers of Word Trade Center, USA, 9 September 2001, the issue of religious radicalism became a serious international concern. Terrorists suspected of carrying certain religious symbols have put religion as the accused party to be responsible. Of course the action did not stand alone. Various variable lighter, should also mentioned why the attitude or behavior of a religious people to be radical and very likely to cause terror. The following study attempts to uncover the background of radicalism in the name of religion appears on the surface. Certainly i...

The Arrival and Development of Islam in Rejang Lebong Regency
Terbit :  2016-06-22
Description : The arrival of Islam in the 7th century to the world is considered by historians as the builder of a new world with new thinking, new ideals, new culture and civilization. For more than fourteen centuries since the Prophet Muhammad spread the new teachings in theology monotheistic, areas of individual life, the field of public life, and the state, Islamic civilization has been widespread ranging from Spanish territory to the citadel of China, from the valley of the river Volga in Russia to Southeast Asia, and even later almost to the whole world, including Indonesia, Sumatra and Bengkulu. Isla...

Interaction of Islam with Local Culture
Terbit :  2018-07-10
Description : To understand the social and religious phenomena associated with Islamic relations with local culture in the rite of the passage of the family in general with respect to the scope of religious theory as a cultural or religious subsystem as social reality, where religion (Islam) is a social reality confronted with the process of interaction of Islam with the local culture in which Islam is embraced.The process of interaction of Islam with local culture in this study is expected to give birth to acculturation, assimilation, accommodation, conflict, and integration. This process looks at how accu...

The Implementation of Islam as Rahmah Li Al-'Alamin in Indonesia: Contributions, Challenges and Opportunities
Terbit :  2017-12-25
Description : Prophet Muhammad was sent with the teachings of Islam, so Islam is rahmatan lil\'alamin.Islam is a blessing for all humans and the nature. In language grace means that tenderness is combined with compassion. In other words, grace can be interpreted with affection. His grace or outpouring of affection is of meaningful and material. The meaningful grace is the enjoyment that comes from being close to Allah SWT, and this is only given to the believers. While the material grace is in the form of physical pleasure and given to all people.So, the Prophet Muhammad saw is the form of Allah\'s love for...

Women's Leadership in Islamic Perspective
Terbit :  2016-12-31
Description : The existence of Prophet hadith which stated: “will not prosper. A people who submit their affairs to women”, has provoked serious debate among Muslims. It is concerning about the legality of a woman as public leaders. The resistance of groups who refused is directly proportional to the group that is not questioned about the gender as a leader. Different viewpoints among khilafiyah caused the difference. Besides reviewing the authenticity of hadith above, the following article explains the diversity of scholars’ opinions on women\'s leadership. Keywords: leadership, women, Islamic perspective