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An Examination of Qur'anic Concept on Corruption
Terbit :  2018-07-10
Description : The social problem that continues to be discussed endlessly today is a case of increasingly concerned corruption. Discussion of corruption problematics almost deadlocked because what made the eradication of corruption in this country is inversely correlated with the increasing index of corruption rank in Indonesia. Therefore, many people are more pessimistic about the eradication of corruption in Indonesia, even some of them are permissive. In addition, Corruption is also a crime classified as extra-ordinary crimes, because what resulted from corruption has brought a direct result, which is ag...

Understanding The Radicalism Movement In Indonesia: A Conflict Approach to the Rise of Terrorism
Terbit :  2017-06-30
Description : There is an ideology in every movement. Of course, that ideology that constructs the pattern of organizational movement. This phenomenon is an assumption in this paper, and will be broadly elaborated . In particularly; This study will describe the genealogy, reason, and patterns of salafism movement in Indonesia. The reason why this study seeks to understand the theme because the movement of salafism in Indonesia has emerged dramatically. It can be understood from the acts of terrorism that occurred. There are at least 4 acts of terrorism in 2000; 3 acts of terrorism in 2001; And 1 acts of te...

Science and Technology in The Islamic Perspective
Terbit :  2016-06-22
Description : This article attempts to discuss Islamic concept on science and technology from the perspective of al-Qur’an. Islam through the Qur\'anic verses as the primary source of its teaching strongly recommand human to use reason, observation, listening as much as possible through the assessment process which result in rational thought. The characteristics of Islamic science is integration of the potential of reasoning, mind and revelation, or remembering and thinking, so that sciences created by Muslim scientists would clearly reflect Islamic values, become meaningful and bring mercy for the universe...

The Law of Polygamy in Islam: a Methodological Review of Siti Musdah Mulia’s Legal Thought
Terbit :  2017-12-25
Description : This essay essentially conducts an objective and critical review of how the constructs and methodological frameworks of Siti Musdah Mulia thought that concluded that polygamy law is haram lighairihi. Some of the main points to be analyzed in relation to this study are the approach which used by her and her method of seeing the verses on polygamy, the polygamy fair terms, the practice of the Prophet\'s polygamy, and her conception of the lighairihi haram. This study is character studies form, and the primary data material is the works of Siti Musdah Mulia through by using literature study. The...

Theological Approach in Islamic Studies
Terbit :  2016-12-31
Description : In the discourse of contemporary religious studies, the phenomenon of human religiosity can be viewed from any angle of approaches; one of the approaches is understanding religion which is named theological approach. There are two areas of religious studies, namely the teachings and religiosity. Teachings are the texts (oral or written) that are sacred and sources of reference for religious followers. For Islam, the texts are the Qur\'an and Hadith. Religiosity is a behavior sourced directly or indirectly from the texts. The purpose of this paper is to understand Islam from its religious side...