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Maghrib Community’s Qur’anic Recitation Movement: an Effort to Maintain The Tradition of Reciting The Quran Among Indonesian Muslim
Terbit :  2016-06-22
Description : The crucial circumstances of Moslems toward Al-Quran and the termination of governmentnoble program underlined this scientific paper. The underlying problems can be formulized as follow: how do we conceptualize something suitable for, and even can unite Muslim communities that are separated from each other in terms of time and place through Maghrib Reciting Quran Community Movement. This paper also discusses related strategy needed to revive and maintain this noble program again in order to maintain the tradition of reciting the Quran in Indonesian Muslim community. Key words: Indonesian mus...

Maritime Potencies in Quranic Perspective and the Role of Indonesian Youth
Terbit :  2018-07-10
Description : Drawing the concept of the sea through the perspective of the Qur\'an needs to be done, so that people know how to manage, explore, and utilize the sea. Therefore, for the purposes of exploration is required exploratory methods are balanced and proportional to avoid the occurrence of sea damage and its contents. Positioning sea exploration as one a common platform in the economic development of Indonesia, it seems that it is not only a feasible solution for the Indonesian people to rise from the crisis. Thus, they will gain prosperity and happiness in their lives. Islamic Idealism requires tha...

Multicultural-Based Islamic Education As The Foundation To Reduce Attitudes Of Religious Radicalism
Terbit :  2017-06-30
Description : The widespread of violence cases in the name of religion are so frequent in Indonesia which need to get attention, especially by Islamic educational institutions. Islamic teachings that have always upheld the diversity, human values, love of peace, and amatory began to fade away by an exclusive religious understanding by a group which is called radicals. Various conflicts that occur should immediately find a solution to not expand and sustainable. Multicultural-based Islamic education is one of the alternative ways that can be the foundation to reduce the attitude of radicalism. The content of...

Maqașid Al-Syari’a fi Sura Al-Nur: Dirasah fi Manhaj Al-Tafsir Al-Maqasid ‘Inda ‘Ibnu ‘Asyur
Terbit :  2016-06-22
Description : دفت الدراسة إلى معرفة وبرليل أنواع الدقاصد الشرعية بُ سورة النور ومعرفة وبرليل سلك مقاصد الشريعة بُ سورة النور عند الشيخ لزمد الطاىر ابن عاشور ،ومعرفة وبرليل مدى موافقة منهجا لتفستَ الدقاصدي للشيخ لزمد الطاىر بن عاشور بُ سورة النور مع نظريتو عن مقاصد الشريعة. ومنهجية ىذا البحث اعتمدت على اتباع الدنهج الوصفي الدكتبي ومصادر البيانات ىي كتب الشيخ الطاىر بن عاشور الدنظمة لدنهجو الدقاصدي وطريقتو بُ التفستَ من خلبل مؤلفاتو وأهمها مقاصد الشريعة الاسلبمية، والتحرير والتنوير ،بالإضافة إلى مصادر ثانوية أعانت الباحث بُ الوصول إلى أىدافو، وكان أسلوب برليل البيانات معتمداً على منهج برليل الدضمون. ونتائج ال...

The Development of Islamic Study Through The Study of Figures: Significance and Methodology
Terbit :  2017-12-25
Description : This article describes the role of figure studies in Islamic studies. The study of real figures has been around for a long time and developed in the Islamic Religious Higher Education (PTKI). However, it takes various methodological and strategic steps to make its existence enrich the treasures of Islamic studies. Within this framework, this paper provides an affirmative perspective on the significance, methodology, and contributions of the study of the characters in Islamic studies. The study used in this paper is a review of literature that is structured in such a way that the basis of argum...