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Etika Alquran Menuju Masyarakat Adil Dan Makmur
Terbit :  2017-12-01
Description : A fair, prosperous and happy life are the inner desire of every human being. In order to realize these ideals, human beings necessarily recognize each other\'s potential, advantages and / or disadvantages to complement each other; mutual learning, mutual giving and receiving.The presence of the prophets brought the Shari\'ah of Allah SWT with the aim of establishing a just humanitarian system. The just society is reflected in the right and proper group life.In the context of human relationships, justice in the Quran contains three meanings. First, fair in the same sense. Second, fair in a bala...

Strategi Menghadapi Orang Munafik Menurut Alquran
Terbit :  2018-06-22
Description : In the Qur\'an, the word nifaq with its various forms that contain the meaning of hypocrisy, called as many as 37 times, contained the meaning of holding, taking part in talking about something that in the religious view, the confession of one person is different from the others. This nature, can create a variety of problems, personal and community. Therefore, this paper is aimed at exploring Qur\'anic verses that relate to the existence of hypocrites, especially about the strategy of confronting them through thematic commentary methods. This study found that the strategy of confronting the hy...

Teori Hudûd Muhammad Syahrur dan Kontribusinya dalam Penafsiran Al-Qur’an
Terbit :  2017-06-27
Description : One of the great thinkers in the contemporary era is Muhammad Syahrûr, a Syrian liberal Islamic figure. Through his controversial works, al-Kitâb wal Qur’ân: Qirâ’ah Mu`âshirah, (al-Kitab and al-Qur’an: a Contemporary Reading) Syahrur introduces a new theory of Quranic interpretation, called as the theory of limits. He asserts that the theory of limits is an approach within ijtihad (individual interpretation) to study the muhkamât verses (clear and direct verses of law) of the Qur’an. The term limit (hudûd) used by Shahrur refers to the meaning of “the bounds or restrictions of God which s...

Multikultural dalam Perspektif Alquran
Terbit :  2017-12-01
Description : Findings of the research suggest that the views or reviews of the Qur\'an about multicultura do not against the Islamic teachings at any rate, especially the Qur\'an as the source of Islamic law. The diversity that exist has in fact become intellectual property to be studied, as the Qur\'an explains it. Through multicultural education, it is expected that every individual and/or every group be acceptance and appreciate toward differences among them, live said by said in harmony in order to establish a peaceful and properous nation

Genealogi Perkembangan Studi Hadis dI Indonesia
Terbit :  2017-06-27
Description : Study of hadīth from Sanad al-Ḥadīth, Ulūm al-Ḥadīth, until methodology of ḥadīth studies indicated that there was development in study hadīth with a scientific approach, deductive logic, and correlation of socio-historical context-psychological in Indonesia. Ijtihad scholars ḥadīth in Indonesia cannot be separated from sociocultural, political factor, background readings, education, madhhab and trends of thought that he holds. This study supports the notion that there is the development of ḥadīth studies in Indonesia. The above statement has similarities with other academic communities, such...