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Metode Kritik Matan Hadis Muhammad Ṫāhir Al-Jawābī dalam Kitab: Juhūd al-Muḥaddiṡīn Fī Naqd Matan al-Ḥadīṡ an-Nabawī asy-Syarīf
Terbit :  2018-06-22
Description : Matan\'s criticism is one of the most important studies in the critique of hadith after the criticism of sanad. The importance of matan\'s criticism is that the meaning of a hadith is closely related to the validity of matan. Sanad is the support of the hadith component, while the matter of the hadith lies in the matan. In general, the criticism of matan hadith includes three activities or stages: (1) conducting criticism or selection of matan hadith (naqd al-matn), (2) interpretation or interpretation of matan hadis (syarh al-matan), and (3) doing typology or the classification of matan hadis...

Tanggungjawab Orangtua Dalam Membentuk Kepribadian Anak Perspektif Alquran dan Psikologi
Terbit :  2017-06-27
Description : This article aims to find out how the Qur\'anic guidance on the role of parents in building the child\'s character and review it through the psychology view. Translation of the meaning of the Quranic verses cited using the method of Tafsir Maudhu\'i. The result of the discussion found that there are three responsibilities of parents in building the child\'s personality in the Qur\'an, 1) Responsibility of faith education, contained in the QS. At-Tahrim [66]: 6; 2) Responsibility of morals education, contained in the QS. Luqman [31] verse 18-19; 3) The Responsibility of intellectual education,...

Studi Komparatif Kitāb Rijāl Sunni dan Syīah (Studi atas Kitāb Tadzkirah al-Huffāzh Karya al-Dzahabi dan Kitāb al-Rijāl Karya Dāwud al-Hulli)
Terbit :  2017-12-01
Description : Study the book of Hadith is a great importance to study, especially the study of rijāl al-hadīth, such as Tadzkirah al-Huffazh of al-Dzahabi, Sunni versions, and Kitāb al-Rijāl of al-Hulli, Syi\'i version. This research was conducted with descriptive analytical approach and historical approach. This study found that both books discuss the rijāl al-hadīth (the narrators of hadith) from the aspect of quality that is structured in the systematic style of the book of Mu\'jam. The difference is that the Sunni rijāl al-Hadīts are the companions of the Prophet, the tabi\'in and so on, while the S...

Inspirasi Alquran dan Hadis dalam Menyikapi Informasi Hoax
Terbit :  2018-06-22
Description : The rapid growth of hoax information dissemination through social media is increasingly unstoppable. One of the causes is the narcissistic behavior that exists within the users of social media. This article explains the narcissistic behavior that has become a fertile ground for the dissemination of hoax information and how to overcome it by taking inspiration from the Qur\'an and Hadith. This research uses qualitative design and literature research approach. Meanwhile, the determination of the verses of Al-Qur\'an in this study used Tafsir Maudhu\'i method. Based on the Qur\'an and Hadith, thi...

Melacak Otentisitas Hukum Islam Dalam Hadis Nabi (Studi Pemikiran Josepht Schacht)
Terbit :  2017-06-27
Description : This article researche Joseph Schacht\'s idea of Islamic law. As an oriental’s, Schacht has competence in studying Islamic law with history perspective. Schacht\'s study of Islamic law on the basis of skepticism by historical criticism is a collection of analyzes in the study of the hadith of the Prophet. The conclusion is different from other thinkers. Schacht doubts the authenticity of Islamic law as a product of teaching, the article of Islamic law development cannot be separated from the interests of the ruler.