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Individual Experience dan Persepsi Pedagang: Relasi Pengalaman Individual Dan Persepsi Pedagang Terhadap Bank Syariah
Terbit :  2016-12-16
Description : The main differences of shariah institution and conventional can be indentified in the two system--application of loss and profit sharing; interest. Loss and profit sharing as an alternative system, or mechanisme to alter the ribawi system. In this context, the research applies a grounded theory. The result shows that their perception toward profit and loss sharing in islamic bank, essentially is based on individual experience. It is also a foundation for their choice toward islamic bank. Data informs that consumers interest to choose islamic bank because of profit and loss sharing. Keywords...

Formulasi Hybrid Contract Sebagai Alternatif Pembiayaan Pertanian Di Bank Syariah
Terbit :  2017-12-06
Description : This research uses interpretive approach. This approach is chosen to understand a symptom both oral and written, and aims to know a symptom of the symptoms themselves are studied in depth using the instrument interview or interview with informants. This research was conducted to understand how the portrait of agricultural financing in both Islamic banks namely Bank Muamalat and BPRS SAFIR Curup branch. The results showed that the existing agricultural financing in both sharia banks using murabaha schemes used to finance the goods or tools that support the agricultural business. According to th...

Konasi Komunitas Pesantren Yogyakarta dalam Penggunaan Arabic Terms dan Indonesian Terms pada Skim Produk Bank Syariah
Terbit :  2016-12-23
Description : This study analyzes the pesantren community “konasi” comparison to the use of terms and Indonesian Arabic terms used in the skim product of Islamic banks. The sample is pesantren communities in the Province of D.I Yogyakarta. Types of samples in this study using cluster random sampling and proportionate sampling. Samples were taken as many as 155 respondents from 31 boarding schools in the Province D.I Yogyakarta. The results showed no difference konasi pesantren communities involving caregivers, religious teacher and students in the province DI Yogyakarta against the use of terms and Indonesi...

Analisis Pemikiran Ekonomi Islam Imam Abu Hanifah
Terbit :  2018-07-17
Description : Islamic economics has been practiced since the time of the Prophet Muhammad, but at that time until several centuries later there is no classification of specific disciplines for economics, causing some Muslim works lost by the western historians drowned. Therefore it is necessary to study the classical Islamic economic thinking. This paper aims to review Abu Hanifah\'s economic ideas by comparing it with the opinion of some scholars and match whether Abu Hanifah\'s thoughts can be used today. The method used is literature research with documentary method to collect data. The results of this s...

Pengentasan Kemiskinan Melalui Pemberdayaan Ekonomi Umat Menurut Persfektif Islam
Terbit :  2017-10-29
Description : Poverty as a social problem will never escape the attention and discussion of Islamic teachings. Islam explores some of the most urgent main themes of empowerment and community involvement in eradicating their poverty. The Qur\'an as the main source of Islamic teachings echoed a moral call for social justice in the economy to be upheld against people living below the poverty line. Efforts to alleviate poverty, one of the main focuses in Islam is the doctrine of weak economic empowerment of the people. Islam considers human resources personally to be the main agent in empowering the people\'s e...