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Syariat Islam Tentang Relasi dan Toleransi Antar Umat Beragama Dalam Alquran
Terbit :  2017-06-01
Description : This paper essentially conducted a study on how the provisions of Islamic law that governs the relationship between a Muslim with non-Muslims in order to realize inter-religious harmony. The study was conducted because, since the classical times, there were books of fiqh, which is a collection of the scholar’s ideas about the formulation of Islamic sharia (law) extracted from the source, had not seen yet containing the discussion about many provisions related to the deed of a Muslim with non-Muslims. The object of study is more focused on the verses of Al-Quran related to this issue. By using...

Perluasan Teori Maqashid Al-Syari’ah: Kaji Ulang Wacana Hifdz Al-‘Ummah A. Djuzuli
Terbit :  2016-12-16
Description : This paper wasdone the discourse of “hifdz al-\'ummah/the savior of nation” of A. Djazuli in the theory of “maqashid al-shari\'ah”. Because the benefit is the essence or substance of Islamic law.Mentioning the essence or substance of Islamic law intended to mean that the beneficiaries are a key element of the building of Islamic law, which binds other related ones. The data presented in this paper comes from primary sources directly related to A. Djazuli thought. This study found that the study of “maqashid al-shari\'ah/the purpose of law” which is now developing emphasize to people as individ...

Pembatasan Usia Perkawinan (Tinjauan Undang-undang dan Maqashid asy-Syari’ah)
Terbit :  2018-06-29
Description : This article aims to review the Law and Maqashidasy-Syari\'ah regarding the age limit of marriage. The literature of Islamic Law (fiqh) does not explicitly specify the minimum age limit for prospective marriages. Over the course of time, the law privides a minimum age of mariage. There is a clear conflict between the fiqh and the laws. According to the ushuliyin (Islamic law experts)view, in order to produce a law or a fatwa law, a mujtahid (legal exciter) should pay attention to maqashidsyari\'ah (law-making purposes). Because the shari\'ah is revealed to realize the benefit of mankind, inclu...

Golongan Putih (GolputT) Menurut Hukum Islam (analisis terhadap Al-Qur’an dan Hadits)
Terbit :  2017-12-27
Description : Islam is very important leadership inexistence. This is evident from the many verses of the Koran and the hadith that explains about leadership. Beside that politically Islamic law can not be applied to the surface of the earth when there is no power to compelen forcement. That power is the master that made Islamic law as the supreme law governing the country. The existence of Islamic law would not be important if he had only beenon the writings of scholars of Islamic law. Islamic law new significanceseen when he practiced and carried out by human beings. Thus Islamic law requires the authorit...

Makna Menurut Ibnu Hajib
Terbit :  2016-12-27
Description : Artikel ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pandangan Ibnu Hajib mengenai makna suatu kajian dalam upaya memahami klasifikasi, pembagian dan bagian-bagian makna. Dalam Islam studi makna memiliki kedudukan penting sebagai upaya memahami teks keagamaan. Suatu kata akan memiliki beragam makna ketika terdapat dalam kalimat. Pemaknaan akan teks keagamaan sangat mungkin memunculkan penafsiran yang beragam, maka perlu diketahui bagaimana konsep makna dalam pandangan ulama ushul dan Ibnu Hajib merupakan salah seorang ulama ushul yang mengkaji makna. penelitian ini menggunakan metode kajian kepustakaan. Pe...