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Zina Dalam Kajian Teologis Dan Sosiologis
Terbit :  2016-12-16
Description : This paper aims to examine the meaning of adultery through the lens of the theological and sociological theory. Adultery is forbidden which has been condemned both by religion and by the positive law in Indonesia, although the meaning of adultery in the religious sense and the positive law has a different sense, but still have the same meaning in substance. The data presented in this paper comes from the study of literature by searching for sources that are directly related to the theme. This study found that to have adultery sometimes not known by public because it is done in secret. In such...

Resistensi Ulama Terhadap Konsep Takharuj Dalam Fikih Hanafiyah
Terbit :  2018-06-29
Description : This research is based on the desire to know the cause of rejection (resistance) of ulama to the concept of takharuj which isdeveloped in fikih Hanafiyah. The Hanafiyah scholar follows the way of takharuj (the removal of one or more beneficiaries from the heirs of the beneficiary in return for the benefit of other beneficiaries either by using his own property or from the heritage property. However,there is a weak point in the completion of the law so that scholars outside Hanafiyah refuse and do not practice it. This research is a library research by collecting and reading jurisprudence lite...

Ibadah Haji Ditinjau Dari Berbagai Aspek
Terbit :  2017-06-01
Description : Hajj is a very special worship in Islam. It is the spiritual congress of Muslims worldwide. His position in religion as the fifth pillar of Islam, but in terms of its appeal to the interests of the Muslim community, the pilgrims ranked first. There are no districts or provinces in Indonesia that are waiting list of hajj candidates for only one year. It\'s all over five years. Hajj comes from the Shari\'ah of Prophet Ibrahim. Which was transmitted by the Prophet Muhammad and followed by his people until the end of time. The goal is that mankind wants to imitate the behavior of Prophet Ibrahim,...

Fiqh al-Hadis Etika Bisnis (Tinjauan Kesahihan dan Pemahaman)
Terbit :  2016-12-27
Description : Business ethics will have an important meaning in providing insight to the business world in the future. The phenomenon of developing of business ethics is not lately simply one because of demands of reality of atmosphere turn more deepened but because the behavior of the perpetrators is getting away from the majesty of moral values (ethics). Nowadays, it has expanded the realm of Islamic economic studies at various universities.In the Indonesian context, the presence of business ethics is very urgent to look at the reality of corruption, collusion, nepotism, monopoly and others are increasin...

Kebolehan Suami Memukul Istri Yang Nusyûz Dalam Al-Qur’an
Terbit :  2017-12-27
Description : One of the negative allegations against Islam, especially from the Western (orientalist) is that Islam is a religion that tends to justify violence. The allegations are reasonable. One of them is because in Islam there is a doctrine which, if not studied in fully and deeply, gives the impression of the existence of acts of violence. For example, there is an al-Qur\'an letter of al-Nisa \'/ 4: 34 that allows husbands to beat wives who do nusyz to them. To verify whether or not the allegations are alleged, Q.S al-Nisa\'/4:34 needs to be examined critically, profoundly and comprehen-sively. Havi...