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Peran Penyuluh Agama Honorer dalam Meningkatkan Kegiatan Keagamaan di Masyarakat Desa Batu Dewa Kecamatan Curup Utara Kabupaten Rejang Lebong
Terbit :  2016-12-16
Description : This study discussed on the effectiveness of the role and function of religious concelor in the society of Batu Dewa. It is considered by the lack of religious activities accompanied with the development of non-Muslim community. Then the synchronization between duty and registration of religious honorary counselor on the conditions of diversity and the society religious activities in the office of Religious Affairs District of Curup Utara. This research was a qualitative. The data collection was done by conducting observation, interviews and documentation. Data analysis was done by reviewing a...

Pengaruh Program Acara Talk Show Bugar Bersama Ade Rai Terhadap Pemenuhan Kebutuhan Informasi Pendengar Tentang Kebugaran di Radio PR 107.5 FM Kota Bandung
Terbit :  2018-01-03
Description : This research focuses on how far the influence of the talk show Bugar Bersama Ade Rai contained in Radio PRFM Bandung in meeting the information needs of listeners about fitness. The research method used is explanatory survey method with quantitative approach and sampling technique used is accpore porpusive sampling. The population of the research were the listeners of the talk show Bugar Bersama Ade Rai in Radio PRFM Bandung and sample of the research were the listeners who often contact the announcer in the question and answer session. Technical analysis of data used is the technique of path...

Perilaku Penyimpangan Wartawan Tim Peliputan Berita (Studi Kasus Penyimpangan dalam Peliputan Berita di Stasiun Televisi Siaran)
Terbit :  2016-12-28
Description : This study focuses on the phenomenon about deviation behavior of news coverage team reporter. In doing their duties, reporters regulated and guided by the Code of Ethics in Journalism which insists journalist to be professional in carrying out their jobs and provide valuable news whichare objective, equilibrate, neutral, honest and based on facts. The purpose of this study isto determine the forms, methods, and factors which cause behavioral aberrations byjournalist ofnews coverageteam consistsby Reporter and Cameraman in the\"X\"TV station. The method used is a qualitative research with pheno...

Dakwah Fardiyah Penganten Baru
Terbit :  2018-07-01
Description : This article is a study of literature about the formulation of Da\'wah fardiyah towards married couples to realize sakinah family. The researcher interests to investigate this case because if it observeded, newmarried couple who have various level of education. According to the researcher assumption that at this time there is new married couple in forming a family like flowing water, where the direction is, anchored still in the shadow. Therefore, the researcher formulates the problems of how to formulate da\'wah fardiyahtoward new married couple to realize sakinah family. While the purpose of...

Aktivasi Akhlak Uswatun Hasanah Nabi Menjawab Patologi–Moral-Sosial Di Indonesia
Terbit :  2017-06-30
Description : Public confidence in the figures in this negei continues to shrink. People began to turn to a number of figures which are initially considered competent-charismatic. The reason, because practices that are very human behavior. Some unscrupulous public figure to do one action out of the bounds of morality and culture there. Studies in this paper tries to pick a phenomenological facts universally immoral behavior. Through qualitative methods, and data collection techniques snawball sampling, data sources can be tracked easily. Hasilya, portrait decrease civilized behavior is caused by a sense of...