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The Implementation Of Character Education Through Java Language’s Puja To Reinforce The Character Of Nation
Terbit :  2017-06-16
Description : The situation and condition of the nation’s concern, prompting the government to take the initiative to prioritize the development of national character education. National character building used as the mainstream of national development. It implies that any development efforts must always be directed to a positive impact on the development of character. Regarding the constitutional manner is already reflected in national development missions positioning character education as the first mission of the eight missions in order to realize the vision of national development. This research analyze...

On The Value Implied In The Data Referred To In The Mahābhārata for π
Terbit :  2018-05-31
Description : E. Washburn Hopkins interpreted, in 1902, the values for  from the data referred to in some verses contained in the Bhīṣma Parva of the Mahābhārata where  is a non-terminating and non-recurring fixed ratio of the circumference, , of a circle to its diameter, . The values interpreted for it by him from the data referred to for the dimensions, including , , and vipulatva , of the Rāhu, the Moon, and the Sun are 3.5, 3.5+, and 3.58 respectively. R. C. Gupta found, in 1990, these values to be the yielding of the gross misinterpretations. He pointed out that the value implied in the data of each of...

Character Education Across Cultures: How Uganda Develops Students Desired Characters In Inclusive Perspective
Terbit :  2017-06-16
Description : The second goal of the UN Millennium Development calls for universal primary education by 2015. Is this goal too ambitious? How much have/are the educational systems doing around the world to achieve this goal? Is the political will there? Is education really inclusive? These questions and many more are much of moral questions. Inclusive education that is concerned with all learners, with a focus on those who have traditionally been excluded from educational opportunities such as learners with special needs and disabilities, children from ethnic and linguistic minorities could be one of the ma...

The Concept and Value of the Teaching of Karma Yoga According to the Bhagavadgita Book
Terbit :  2017-10-30
Description : Bhagawadgita is one of the Vedic supplements in which there are teachings of Karma Yoga, which contain the working concepts as a guide for Hindus in order to meet the physical and spiritual needs to achieve happiness. The teaching of Karma Yoga revolves around the way or way of achieving the perfection of life by carrying out the work as required by the swadharma by not binding itself to the outcome of the work itself. Working in non-self-bondage is to work with devotion and devotion to Bharman without expecting personal gain for the welfare and happiness of fellow human beings. In more modern...

An Ecological Aspect Of The Text Kuttara Kṇḍa Dewa Purāna Bangsul Concerning Mount Batukaru
Terbit :  2018-05-31
Description : This article is intended to reveal the ecological aspect of Kuttara Kandha Dewa Purana Bangsul, a text in which it is described that Mount Batukaru is one of the holy areas in Bali Island. It is considered a place where the god of fertility resides; therefore, its ecosystem needs to be maintained. Such a signification is interesting and important to be investigated. The other reason is that, physically, the Mount Batukaru area is a water absorbing area as well as a nature reserve area. The problem of the study is how Mount Batukaru is pictured and signified in the text. The data were collected...

The Educational Value of Hinduism on the Gumi Suda Ceremony at the Birth of the Twin Babies with Different Genders (Case Study at Pakraman Village of Ketewel, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency)
Terbit :  2017-10-30
Description : This study aimed to identify the educational values of Hinduism on the Gumi Suda ceremony at the Birth of the twin babies with different genders in Pakraman Village of Ketewel, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency.  The data were collected by using interviews technique and literatures review. Furthermore, the data were analyzed through data reduction process or chosen according to the purpose of the research. The data analysis process was done continuously during the research from the beginning until the end of the research through the systematic tracking and arranging process of the transcripts...

The Challenge Faced by Hindu Women in Doing Their Swadharma in the Midst of Modernisation
Terbit :  2018-05-31
Description : Hindu women who are already in the Grhasta period play an important role in the family. In their married life, women have several obligations for the harmony of their family. The word ‘woman’ comes from the word ‘wanită’, the feminine sex, which means beloved, wife, girl, woman, female (Semadi Astra, 2000: 372). Based on that sense, the word ‘woman’ means beloved, indicating that women are part of social life and family is part of the composition of social creatures that spread love to the surrounding environment, likewise their effort to enforce the Swadharma in their life. However, there are...

Pedanda Baka Story As Media Of Character Education Since Early Childhood
Terbit :  2017-06-16
Description : Various media reported about poor child\'s behavior lately. Some violence committed by children to their own friends, lack of respect to parents and teachers, shows child’s bad character. It inspires the writer to dig back cultures that was used as a media of character building for children by their parents long ago. Bali communities has a variety of culture that can be used as a media of character education, such as storytelling culture for children, the story is believed to contain values of character education for children from an early age. The purpose of this paper is to explore values of...

Parenting Models In Building The Religious Characters Of Children
Terbit :  2018-05-31
Description : The religious character building is very important for the child and must be done starting from the family environment. The family has a responsibility in educating children, especially religious education. Religious education provided by parents will be the basis for children to behave in accordance with religious teachings. Parents play an important role in the child\'s religious character building, such as teaching obedience to religious teachings. A positive parenting style will have an impact on the formation of the child\'s religious character, especially the democratic style of parentin...

Theme, Message, and Hindu Ethics Teaching in Gaguritan Cangak
Terbit :  2018-05-31
Description : Gaguritan Cangak is classified as a classic literature that can be studied in terms of themes, messages, and teachings contained in it. The Gaguritan Cangak theme is the impact of good and bad deeds, the message delivered does not quickly believe to the promises or sayings of others, always be wary of self-salvation, and believe in the truth of karmaphala law. The Hindu ethic in Gaguritan Cangak emphasizes the teachings of karmaphala, that any good deeds will be good deeds and bad deeds will be bad. The doctrine of good deeds of human deeds is known by the teachings of Trikaya Parisudha and Tr...